Gibbs & Cox, Inc.  has a long and storied history of designing vessels for the United States Navy, and for government programs all over the world.  The staff at Gibbs and Cox has extensive experience in all stages of vessel design, from concept through detail design, into production engineering and all the way through to life-cycle support.  Our expertise and methodology ensure that concepts are feasible and buildable, with decades-worth of knowledge and experience built into the development of every project.  Our designers and engineers are production-focused, applying computer-aided design, engineering, and analysis methods across all technical disciplines involved in naval architecture,  marine & mechanical engineering,  electrical & mission systems engineering, and production engineering & support.

Gibbs & Cox is one of the largest independent U.S. naval architectural firms, and has the resources and processes in place to competitively execute projects of any size, on-schedule.  Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Design, Engineering, Program Management and Administrative services.

Naval Architecture & Preliminary Design

We work with sophisticated 3D digital tools and proven processes to develop fully-integrated, interference-free designs that are ready for production.  Working within an explicitly-configured modeling environment that can be tailored to a client’s specific production processes, capabilities, and preferences, we are able to maximize producibility and minimize the production schedule.  By building the entire ship digitally, we are able to simply extract critical production information from the design model, improving overall efficiency and accuracy, and the incorporation of flexible warship technology features help to streamline the insertion of military technology.

Sustainment Design, Engineering, & Management

The team at Gibbs & Cox has extensive experience providing maintenance, repair, and ship-alt design & engineering services, and regularly gets involved in service-life extension for military vessels.  We use modern 3D digital tools for configuration auditing and management, optimization of availability and modernization planning, and reverse engineering to solve obsolescence issues.

Program Management

Program management ties together G&C engineering and design work product with shipyard support services; our program management staff work to streamline systems engineering and requirements allocation and to handle change management and configuration control.  Further, our program managers perform design and engineering assessments & compliance reviews, and integrate scheduling & planning into the design/engineering/production program.  We have specialists in technology insertion and integration planning, along with experts in logistics and material planning, and staffing for government-led ship design programs.

Systems and Specialty Engineering

Our engineering teams excel at taking projects from the concept design phase  through to contract design, detail design, and into production engineering; the Gibbs & Cox engineering approach ensures that concepts are feasible and buildable with generations of producibility-related lessons learned built in.

The professional and experienced G&C staff works across technical disciplines of naval architecture, marine/mechanical, electrical and mission systems, using advanced computer aided engineering and analysis tools to solve complex challenges.  Our production-focused experience provides a solid foundation for system and equipment requirements and specifications, and vast hands-on experience in equipment, system and ship testing programs (models and full scale) ensures product performance.

Shipyard Support

Several decades of involvement with vessel design and construction management have given Gibbs & Cox extensive experience in supporting shipyards, whether in the development of bid packages, evolution of concept designs, drafting of proposals, or construction and management support. We stress production planning, whereby engineering and design phases are integral to the planning functions – 3D digital models are tailored to specific production needs, as specified by the builder, and allow for efficient procurement and construction planning and execution.  G&C often provides staff to act as on-site design liaison with a shipyard’s engineering team, purchasing group, and waterfront production personnel to ensure high quality, high performance production.  Further we typically develop test programs and personally support test and trials through planning, sequencing, collecting data, and then reduction, analyzing, and reporting the results.