Gibbs & Cox Australia is an engineering and design firm specialising in naval architecture, marine engineering, naval program management and technical advisory services. Gibbs & Cox Australia is headquartered in Canberra, ACT.

We aim to achieve the economic and strategic benefits of a strong, sustainable, and technologically advanced maritime enterprise in Australia.  We benefit from the heritage and expertise of our parent company Gibbs & Cox Inc., one of the world’s leading independent naval architecture and marine engineering firms.  Gibbs & Cox has been serving naval, commercial, and recreational markets worldwide since 1929.

Gibbs & Cox Australia are proud to be attending IndoPac 2022 and presenting the Environmentally-powered Modular Autonomous Platform System (EMAPS). This is a family of medium speed electric Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) designs from Gibbs & Cox Australia and Leidos Australia, developed to execute independent missions deploying any operator-defined payload within the platform geometry and power limits. EMAPS provides the functions needed to autonomously place a payload accurately at a remote marine location with the power, control and comms the payload requires for the mission.

EMAPS provides adaptable, cost-efficient maritime sensor presence, and mitigates the cost of maritime operations for naval, government civil, commercial and research operators.

Using sail, solar and wind-hydro-regeneration power modalities, EMAPS performs autonomous long-range transit and multi-week loiter missions with duration limited mainly by biofouling rates, as well as sprint speeds of 13-20 kts at short range.

EMAPS can host a wide variety of civil and military modular payloads within the payload capacity and power limits of the platform, including towed acoustic line arrays, acoustic and hydrographic dipping systems, UUV hosting, surveillance systems, aerial drones, and many others.

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